VUMeter ActiveX Control Installation

Create a temp directory on your hard disk and copy all files from the distribution disk to the directory. These files include:

NED VUMeter ActiveX control
NED VUMeter Type Library
General information
VB6 Folder
Visual Basic 6.0 demo program
VC6 Folder
Visual C++ 6.00 demo program
License file for registered users only
License information for this software

If you have downloaded the .ZIP file, use Winzip to extract the files into the temp directory.

The files listed below are required to use the ActiveX and demo in this archive. These files can be found on our web site. You can download these files by clicking on this link:

The files in this archive should be placed in your windows\system directory.
The files included in the archive are:


If you already have these files on your system, they are probably located in the System or System32 directory. If this is the case, you probably do not need to download these files again.

To register the ActiveX control and DLL files, place all of the above files in the same directory and enter this command from the DOS prompt: regsvr32 nmeter32.ocx

From Visual Basic 6.0, open the PROJECT1.VBP file.

From Visual C++ 6.0, open the demo.dsw file.

If you have Microsoft Access, start it and create a form or report. From the Edit menu, choose Insert Object, and check the Custom Control radio button. Choose the VUMeter control to insert it into the form or report.

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