TruePrint Virtual Printing System for Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10

TruePrint is a Windows virtual printer driver that uses a .NET print server to process documents. The print server uses .NET plugin assemblies to store documents in various formats, including GIF, TIFF (multi-page), BMP, PNG, JPEG and PDF.

Available paper sizes are: Letter, Legal, A3, A4, Tabloid, Envelope #10, Envelope C5, and Envelope DL.

TruePrint displays any document printed by an application on your screen and stores the document to on or more files on your disk using your choice of various document file formats.

A .NET C# print service application receives the document from the printer driver, writes it to disk and optionally displays it.

The product is available in three versions: A retail version that simply prints and displays documents, and two source code versions for developers of document processing solutions.

When you buy the source code Level 1 software you get the source code for the Print Server, which allows you to develop your own processing of print jobs sent from any Windows application. Level 2 source code includes the source for the Virtual Print driver, so you can re-brand the driver and have your own Printer show up in the Control Panel.



The printer driver uses the Microsoft Universal Printer driver. A large number of paper sizes are available for this driver, which supports both color and monochrome documents. The plugin architecture of the print server allows developers to easily create .NET modules for other document formats. Source code for the print server includes the source for all of the provided plugins.

This is a great platform for developing document processing applications. You can debug your code without the need for a real printer. You can avoid wasting a lot of paper. You can use your favorite document viewer to zoom in on the printout to get print positions tuned to precise pixels. You can develop your printing code while travelling on an airplane or living in a hotel with your notebook PC.

You can intercept pages from any Windows application and perform any kind of image or document processing. For example, you can stamp any document the user prints with the name of the user, the user's signature and/or date/time before sending the printout to a real printer. You can add watermarks to the document pages. You can email documnents. You can archive documents to a central storage facility, etc., etc.

The print server uses the open-source PDFSharp library to write PDF files. The source code for this library is included in the source code distribution, as well as the MigraDoc open-source library, which contains many functions for managing and manipulating documents.

Developers can run the print server from the Visual Studio IDE and step through the document handling code easily. The server can be restarted at any time without disturbing the printer driver. This makes developing document applications much easier than solutions of the past, where the print spooler or machine had to be restarted after making code changes.

The demo version of the driver displays a dialog box for each print job but is otherwise the same as the registered version.

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