Third and Fifth

The iPhone app for practicing all positions on the violin and viola.

It displays the musical staff for either Violin or Viola with the note you're playing in blue, gray or red along with the name of the note, the frequency you are playing, and the perfect pitch frequency of the note.

Notes are gray when the pitch is close to perfect. The name of the note is shown next to it.
Blue when the pitch is a little too low.
Red when the pitch is a little too high.

You can use it to learn the position on the fingerboard for every note on the staff, for the full range of the instrument. You can train your ear for perfect pitch!

Setup options let you choose Violin or Viola and sensitivity of pitch detection. Your pitch and the perfect pitch for the note you are playing is shown at the bottom of the screen. When the numbers match, your pitch is perfect!

Northeast Data Corp
Charlotte, NC