Recorder ActiveX Control


About Action FileName
Orientation PaperColor PaperSpeed
PaperUnits PenColor Pens
PenValue PenWidth ThisPen
TimeLineColor TimeLines TimeLineWidth
ValueLineColor ValueLines ValueLineWidth



Displays the about dialog box for the Recorder control.
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Sets the mode of operation for the recorder. 0 Turns the record off and 1 turns it on. 2 clears the "paper".

0 - Idle, 1 - Record, 2 - NewPaper
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If blank, this property does nothing. If you set this property to the name of a file, the recorder will write recorded data to the file. If the file you provide does not exist, the file will be created. If the file does exist, data will be read from the file into the recorder and the plot(s) for that data will be displayed on the recorder if the time of the data in the file corresponds to the current timeframe displayed on the recorder. Any new data that is recorded will be appended to the file.
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Determines the direction the "paper" moves on the recorder:

  0 - Horizontal Left to Right
  1 - Horizontal Right to Left
  2 - Vertical Top to Bottom
  3 - Vertical Bottom to Top

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Color of the paper.
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The number of inches or centimeters the paper travels per minute. The units used (cms or inches) is determined by the PaperUnits property.
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What units to use for setting the paper speed and how the time lines are placed on the paper. Values are:

  0 - Inches
  1 - Centimeters

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The color to use for the current pen. The current pen is set using the ThisPen property.

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The number of pens the recorder uses. You set this value to the number of pens you want to draw on the paper. After setting this property, you set the ThisPen property to operate on a specific pen.
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Sets the value of the current pen. The current pen is the one specified in the ThisPen property.
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Sets the width of the current pen. The current pen is the one specified in the ThisPen property.
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Sets the current pen. The first pen is 0 and the last pen is the number of pens specified in the Pens property minus one. For example if the Pens property is set to 3, then the valid values for ThisPen are 0,1, and 2.
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The color of the time lines on the paper grid.
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The number of time lines that a drawn on each paper unit. The paper units are specified in the PaperUnits property, so TimeLines specifies either the number of lines per inch or per cm.
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Minimum value. This must be less than the maximum value.
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Width of the time lines in pixels.
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The color of the value lines. The value lines are the lines that run perpendicular to the time lines on the paper.
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The number of value lines to display on the paper. These lines are evenly distributed across the paper.
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The width of the value lines in pixels.
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