NED Image Printer Driver V1.1 for Windows '95 and Windows '98

Charlotte, North Carolina - January 30, 1999 - Northeast Data Corp. today announced the NED Image Printer Driver Version 1.1. The NED Image Printer Driver redirects print output from any application to the display.

"Our virtual printer driver gives developers two great benefits," says Wade Cobb, President at Northeast Data Corp. "First, it's a great utility for debugging print logic in applications. Developers can waste a lot of paper and time getting printouts to looks just right. This driver creates a TIFF file and then launches whatever application the developer specifies for viewing TIFF files. There are so many things you can do from there. You can use your image viewer to zoom in on the printout to see exactly where each dot on the paper is positioned. The other great way to use the driver is when you're travelling and don't have access to a real printer. The second great deal is that you can buy the source code for the DLL that the driver calls. With that, you can do anything you want with the print stream. It's so easy because the driver hands you a bitmap. There are all kinds of possibilities there. You can display a dialog box to the user, capture document indexing information, store the document on a hard disk, stamp it with the date/time and the user's name - just about anything you can think of. I wrote a version of the DLL that captures all the pages of the document and prints them 4-up. It doesn't matter what application the print is coming from, and I can do 4-up printing from applications that don't support 4-up."

The printer driver installs just like any standard Windows '95 or Windows '98 printer driver. The driver icon shows up in the Printers group. A separate DLL is called by the driver during each print job and supplies the DLL with job information and bitmaps for each page. Registered users receive source code for the DLL. Our licensing agreement allows developers to redistribute the driver and DLL executable code with no royalties.

The NED Image Printer Driver is available now from Northeast Data Corp. and its distributors. For a demo of this and other software from Northeast Data Corp., please visit our web site at:

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