NED Image Printer Driver V1.0 for Windows 2000

Charlotte, North Carolina - November 27, 2000 - Northeast Data Corp. today announced the NED Image Printer Driver 2000 Version 1.0. The NED Image Printer Driver installs on Windows 2000 and redirects print output from any application to the display.

"Our printer driver for Windows 95/98 was a great success, but this new version for Win 2000 is real exciting," says Wade Cobb, President at Northeast Data Corp. "It has some major features that people asked for - color images, various resolutions and lots of paper sizes. Like our '95 driver, it's a great utility for debugging print logic in applications.  Customers who bought the '95 version of the driver have invented all kinds of new ways to automate image capture and archiving, including automatic watermarks, date/time stamping, and work flow monitoring".

The printer driver installs just like any standard Windows 2000 printer driver. The driver icon shows up in the Printers group. A separate DLL is called by the driver during each print job and supplies the DLL with job information and bitmaps for each page. Registered users receive source code for the DLL. The standard licensing agreement allows developers to redistribute the driver and DLL executable code with no royalties.

The NED Image Printer Driver for Windows 2000 is available now from Northeast Data Corp. and its distributors. For a demo of this and other software from Northeast Data Corp., please visit our web site at:

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