TruePrint Virtual Printing System

Compatible with 32 and 64-bit versions of Windows XP through Windows 10

It's a new version of our virtual printer driver that redirects print jobs to a .NET printing service that stores documents in various formats including multi-page TIFF and PDF.

A great solution for tracking, archiving and workflow management of business documents. Also, a fantastic development utility for building and testing the print logic in your applications. It's printing without a real printer! This is a print capture device driver that appears to all Windows applications as a normal printer. Applications send print jobs to this device without knowing that the printout will go to your file instead of a real printer. You can specify the name and location of the file that the driver creates and the file format to use, which includes multi-page TIFF, GIF, BMP, JPEG, PNG and PDF.

The demo version is fully functional. The only difference from the registered version is that a registration screen is displayed at the beginning of the print job.

Two levels of source code are available for the .NET C#-based printing engine and for the virtual driver. Source code includes the PDFSharp and MigraDoc open-source libraries, which provide an impressive set of image and document processing functions that you can use in your document and image processing solutions.

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Third and Fifth

An iPhone app you can download from the iTunes store from your phone. It helps you practice all positions on stringed instruments (Violin and Viola). It's free!

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ActiveX Controls

We develop commercial-quality software components and programming utilities for Microsoft Windows. Our 32-bit ActiveX controls are developed with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, giving you high-performance, robust, efficient tools for developing your applications.  We are a registered member of the Microsoft Component Builders Program.  The Component Builders Program is a Microsoft sanctioned program for assisting companies in development of ActiveX and COM software technology.

Imaging Controls

Our 32-bit NedImage control is used in many MS Access, VC++, and VB applications all over the world.  Our imaging controls are high-performance and easy to integrate into your application.  There are no other imaging controls on the market that offer our high performance and reliability to cost ratio.

Graphical Controls

A suite of graphical controls for building applications that simulate stereo equipment and other hardware controllers.  Our graphical controls have rich 3-D properties and events that give you all the flexibility you need to design exactly what you want.

Industrial Process Controls

Our PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) control is used for controlling chemical and other industrial processes.  Our recorder control simulates a strip-chart recorder for monitoring production processes.  Our industrial process controls are compatible with all development environments that support 32-bit ActiveX controls.  Our Industrial process controls are Y2K compliant and are used internationally.

SuperPak - A collection of our most popular controls


Version 3.0 of our popular ActiveX controls for managing industrial processes and building applications that simulate electronic equipment control panels. Rich, antialiased graphics and lots of control properties for stunning visual effects.

Also includes the new Spingauge Control and new interactive designers for managing libraries of your control designs. All controls are available individually including their source code versions.  

Details and trial versions...

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Source code is available for all controls. Code is written in C++ and is compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio versions 6.0 through 2010.
Demo versions of all our software components are available for you to download. Demo versions are the same as our registered versions except for a dialog box that contains information about registering the software. This allows you to develop your product completely before registering our software. The registered version, delivered to you by our resellers, allows you to ship your application without rebuilding it. You can register our software at "the last minute".

Our ActiveX controls and software components are royalty-free. You pay only a one-time fee for using our software components in your products, regardless of how many copies of your product are sold.  Our membership in the Microsoft Component Builders Program is your assurance of quality.  Northeast Data Corp. - great software, great prices, and great support.


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